We are building the future of commerce

Coupang is reimagining the shopping experience with the goal of wowing each customer from the instant they open the Coupang app to the moment an order is delivered to their door.

Why Coupang

Why Coupang

Powered by an outstanding end-to-end retail and logistics network and a culture of customer centricity, Coupang has broken tradeoffs around speed, selection and price. Today, we provide exceedingly fast shipping speeds on millions of items including fresh groceries, delivered within hours nationwide, 365 days a year.

We are doing this for millions of consumers in Korea, one of the largest and fastest growing retail opportunities anywhere in the world.

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Powering amazing experiences with technology

To improve the customer experience, we have invested heavily in infrastructure and technology. We designed and built over 100 unique fulfillment centers, covering over 47 million square feet and housing millions of products. This translates into 70% of the Korean population living within 7 miles of a Coupang logistics center.

We combine this physical infrastructure with cutting edge systems and software. We’re able to use AI and machine learning to predict demand spikes before they happen, and forward deploy products into our fulfillment and delivery network before they are needed. We then leverage our technology to dynamically route hundreds of millions of orders efficiently.

All of this enables us to break those conventional customer tradeoffs, and give our customers more choice, faster service, and lower costs.

Our Culture

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Coupang’s thriving core business is a launchpad for new products and services—that we run as startups inside Coupang.

Our team is able to rapidly develop, test and optimize a new product or customer experience. Then, we use the density of our network and efficiency of our infrastructure to catapult it to growth and scale, creating efficiencies which we pass onto our customers in the form of low prices.

Tech is central to what we do, with over 2000 highly qualified tech employees in our offices. We have world class engineers building with us from Seattle, Mountain View, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and other locations around the world. They’re attracted to us by the opportunity to build category defining customer experiences across a whole range of business lines—with many more to come.